Sunday, October 30, 2011

the ideal wedding dress for me.

im doing nothing today. all play no work make jane a lazy girl. haha. im home alone. mak and ayah gone to tg leman. ayah got some work to do there. im staying home just watching tv, when just now i watched 20 do's and don't for wedding at E-channel.

one of the tips that caught my attention is about choosing the right dress. it stated in the programme that we have our own fantasy about the wedding dress. we also captivated by other's wedding dress but it not necessarily fit us well and look good on us. it will be a total nightmare if we choose wrong dress. it may be a beautiful dress, but it may not be beautiful on us.

so, i quickly search in the internet about the dress that compliment my body shape: pear shaped also known as A-shaped. yeah, pear shaped is when your bottom part (tights, hips) is relatively bigger than your upper part (shoulder, bust)

so, i learnt that the ideal dress for me is A-shaped dress, empire cut dress. the neckline should be halter and deep neckline. it suppose to make my shoulder looks wider and gives a proportional look. a big NO for mermaid and pleated cut dress. maybe it will make my bottom part looks bigger. and also, high neckline. it stated that high neckline will make my upper part looks smaller.

so, i really should cancel my initial idea of using high neckline (like baju melayu cekak musang style). initially , i opted for the high neckline because i think it will look tidy when i tuck in my hijab inside. but looks like it will not look good for me.

 mermaid cut: big no.

high neckline: also a BIG no. sigh.

this is the ideal dress for me should look like. halter neck, empire cut dress.

A-shaped dress, also compliment pear-shaped like me. 

for infos about other type of body shaped such as apple shaped, hour-glass shaped, triangular shaped and rectangular shaped, refer to this post.


anaztasias nora aira said...

nora berisi skit mmg kena hati2 pilih wedding dress :)

Renee Meow said...

i vote for 2nd last pic..!! :D